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Trainees appointed to Academic Clinical Fellowship (ACFs) or Clinical Lectureship (CLs) must have a joint academic/clinical annual review of competence progression (ARCP). The forms developed to monitor and document academic progress include:-

This form is designed to assist both the trainee and academic educational supervisor in formulating objectives on which progress will be judged annually. 

Academic trainees should meet with their academic supervisor at regular intervals to review progress and agree objectives for the coming period. An annual assessment of academic progress should take place at least one month before the joint academic/clinical ARCP. The academic supervisor must then complete the Report on Academic Progress which needs to be agreed by the trainee for submission to the joint academic/clinical ARCP, along with the trainee's supporting documentation from the academic assessment. This may include:-

  1. A written assessment of the trainee's own progress and achievements with reference to their PDP
  2. A description as to whether the trainee's progress met their expectations
  3. Details of anything that may have adversely affected the trainee's progress


Membership of the Joint Clinical/Academic ARCP panel

There must be the right composition to enable a balanced assessment of clinical and academic progress.  A single senior academic person on the panel would be appropriate, although two academic representatives would be optimal.  The academic representative should not directly be involved in the trainee's academic programme.

ARCP Outcome

The panel will consider the academic and clinical progress and make a decision as to the appropriate outcome (Outcome 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5).  Although the panel is assessing both clinical and academic outcomes, if sufficient academic progress has not been achieved the trainee should not be given an outcome 2 or 3.  However, consideration may be given as to whether the trainee remains on the academic programme or whether they should return to the clinical training programme.